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    Our therapy area is open to the rain and wind. We would like to close it in with walls and windows PLUS a second floor storage room  (the added pink is walls w/ windows the blue line is the new floor).         


Therapyarea 2.jpeg

Completely renovate our Girl's bathroom with new tile, fixtures, toilet, fans and paint.

Fresh and beautiful!


 New Grass for our play yard.

We have a friend who has really good grass growing on his property 4 hours drive away who will give us the grass we just need to pay someone with a truck to go cut the sod, bring it to us and plant it.  I believe we can do it all for $700.  Ideally we should do this in May when the rains begin.

New window frames with heat reflecting glass in our Living Room and in

4 Bedrooms (2 Girl's and 2 Baby's rooms

Painting our garden wall.

Painting our school.

Adding decorative tile to the boys bathroom.

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