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God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your lives. To us it means your days should be filled with hugs and kisses, fun activities and learning, personalized attention, and real gains in life skills.

Every child with a disability is a soul that must be saved. We make the message of the Gospel clear and teach them the Word of God as a guide to life, giving them a clean and protected environment where they can grow healthy in every way. We want our children to become productive adults with a strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Home is specifically for orphaned children with different disabilities, children whose low-income families cannot care for them due to their special needs. Our school is for children who cannot access an education in the Guatemala public school system due to their disabilities. Some of the children have severe hearing or visual deficits, microcephaly, learning disabilities, hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome , attention disorders or sensory integration difficulties. The school offers kindergarten through sixth grade, with adult education being added in the coming years.

Starting in 2003 with one child in the home and eight students in school, the home now has 26 children with special needs and many more waiting to join. Calls are received every week for new children and a new location is planned to open soon.

The Gozosos provides a safe and loving environment with personalized attention to each child's individual needs where they learn at their own pace. Our children receive physical, speech, and occupational therapy guided by licensed therapists and are assisted by our babysitters.

Our students participate in Bible and English classes, in addition to learning the local Mayan dialect, Kaqchiquel, and all the beauty of indigenous culture.

Our goal is for each child with a different disability to reach their potential wrapped in the warm embrace of our loving family.













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Founder Maureen Casey
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