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 What We Need
Our family has many needs, some one time, some ongoing, important equipment and supplies that you can help us purchase for our children.  There are also things that cannot be purchased here but you or your group can bring them down to us on the airplane.

We can purchase most items in Guatemala at the price mentioned, those marked ** can only be purchased in USA but we have a friend who can ship them to us - if you would like to purchase something online for us please contact Maureen Casey at, she will give you the information so our friend can ship it to us at a reduced price.

One Time Needs:

4 CD players w/USB port 

For our kitchen:

Moveable stainless steel work table (US $300)

Food Processor (industrial or heavy duty)

Set of pots and pans, cookie sheets and serving trays.

Tea towels

Silverware, especially table spoons (30+)

For our nurse's station:

Stethescope 2

Thermometers (3 battery or rechargeable)

4 child size nose masks with tubing for a nebulizer

Special Therapy Needs:

Special Bowls and plates (sides that help them fill their spoon, and weighted so they do not move easily). **

Ace Bandages and Knee Immobilizers ***

Chew necklaces and chew bracelets for big kids. **

New mats for doing therapy on the floor.

Ongoing Needs:

Lumbar Back support Belts:

Our nannies and PT helpers use these everyday for moving our children.  We need 14 to supply everyone.  They wear out, losing their elastic support, so we replace them often.

They can be purchased here in Guatemala but they are also easy to bring in your suitcase.


Clothing for our kids:

We ask groups to try to bring a complete outfit for each child (Shirt, Pants, Jacket or Sweater, socks).

Or to bring specific clothing items that we use a lot of each size like underpants, bras, socks, pajamas (especially footie PJs that zip up in all sizes, Our big kids love them too!), undershirts, camisoles, sweaters, vests and jackets. 

Gloves,  knit hats, belts.

They fit easily in your suitcase.


  Size Chart for all our children available on request.


Feeding Bags for Gastric Buttons

Prescription Medicine for our kids, especially anti-seizure medicine; Valproic Acid (tablets 500mg and liquid120ml), Atemperator S (Liquid100ml), Equiliv/Rivotril (drops), Luxxes (tablets 25 mg)

Over the Counter Medicine for our kids: tablet and liquid Tylenol, Paracetomal, cold remedies, saline nasal spray, etc.

Midol or other brand for girl's mentrual pain and bloating

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